Waves EGaming set out to create something and introduce it to the Canadian public for the first time. We are the first dedicated esports facility in Canada. We are focused on providing a space for PC and console gaming enthusiasts where you can watch and play games effortlessly without having to bear the costs and strain of buying your own equipment.
Our goal is to build a strong community of gamers and be the center of the rising esports industry in Canada. Our facility aims to make that happen; with up to 80 PC’s and a dedicated stage for big competitions and events, we are sure to exceed all your expectations of what a place like this can offer.
We cater to the casual gamer just as well as the dedicated pro; you can walk in and have a great individual experience or bring your friends and compete together as a team or against each other. With multiple membership options that suit every style, you’ll always find an option that matches your needs. We are actively signing young talent and operating esports teams under the Waves EGaming banner, WEG. We will be providing high quality management and growth opportunities for the teams and players involved. 
Tournaments Annually
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • How much does membership cost?

At Waves we have three membership options available. We offer Basic, Pro, and Pro+ packages. For more information visit our membership page.

  • Can I still play if I am not a member?

Of course! Guests will be charged a $5 entry free and $5/hr for PC gaming as well as free access to both our Nintendo hub and console lounges.

  • Will there be tournaments?

Yes, we will be running and hosting tournaments regularly. Make sure to check us out on social media platforms as well as our website for updates and events.

  • Do I have to be a professional to compete in tournaments?

No, many tournaments will be open to the public and you’re welcome to join. An event calendar for upcoming tournaments will be updated regularly so make sure you check out our events page! 

  • Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, however all guests under the age of 16 will be required to sign a waiver or be accompanied by a guardian 18+ years of age.

  • Is there food and snacks available at Waves E-Gaming?

Yes, we have a concession stand that is dedicated to offer our guests snacks and refreshing beverages.