At Waves E-Gaming, we’re on a mission to make Toronto the epicenter of the global gaming community. By hosting over 20+ massive eSports tournaments for professional teams and players across the globe annually, we’ll easily achieve our goal soon.

Our gaming arena in Toronto brings individual gamers and teams together for unforgettable live eSports experiences. Waves E-Gaming is where eSports players can connect in-person, form teams, and test their gaming skills competitively.

By bringing together the best gamers across the nation, we enable teams and eSports players to connect like never before. Whether you are an absolute expert at a specific game, or if you are just starting out – we have tournament options that suit every gamers needs. Divided by difficulty levels, we host multiple tournaments throughout the year!

With over 80+ computers, 20+ consoles, and a 1600+ square-foot stage, Waves makes it easy for gamers to take eSports to a whole new level.
We’re committed to creating a competitive environment for eSport players & teams, with massive prizes available for tournament winners and gamers alike. With our facility and network, we can help you really put your gaming skills to the test.