Craze for eSports in Canada is at an all-time peak high. And Waves E-Gaming is taking this enthusiasm to the next level through engaging live content, year-round tournaments and eSport broadcasts through our state-of-the-art facility. Our vision for the Canada gaming community is even bigger and ambitious.

We’re here to give the Canadian gaming community an entirely new way to enjoy and play the eSporting entertainment games they love. Our competitions take place in ultra-modern cafes and studios that are equipped with most outstanding eSporting technologies and thundering sound systems.

Since eSports require a great deal of communication and coordination among players, our facilities creates a deeper level of interaction and communication among the players for life.

eSport is indeed a booming industry that’s creating massive job opportunities. For people from the community interested in pursuing a career in eSports, we provide opportunities in a variety of fields like streaming, production, programming and management.

Waves E-Gaming is a world-leading eSports platform representing some of the best competitive players around the globe and especially from the Canada gaming community. Waves was built around a passion for bringing innovation into e-gaming marketplace with a dedication to protecting core sporting values.

We’re committed to developing the best atmosphere for eSports players to play their favorite games and the most prominent tournaments and leagues without any obstacles.